Our Story

"I hated using single use plastic wrap, then just throwing it in the trash..."

It all started when one day I was using plastic wrap to cover some left overs and thought to myself there must be a better solution to plastic I will use only once! I researched and I kept coming up with reusable plastic containers...more plastic!

Then when on vacation with my kids in Paris I came across silicone toppers for cups and was instantly mesmerized, and thought these could be used on all types of containers! I came back to the US and set about designing some fun and creative solutions for the home.

I wanted OnTopz to be something that would make people smile when they saw and used them. My theory was that they had to be memorable to make sure people were motivated to buy them and stop using plastic wrap, and now consumers are using OnTopz everyday in homes across the USA.

I'm told by enthusiastic OnTopz customers that the questions they get asked by friends and family all the time are "what is that?" and "where did you get them?" before they go to the store or buy online. Consumers are intrigued by the fact they can be used in the freezer, the fridge, microwave and even in the oven up to 425 degrees! The fact OnTopz replaces plastic wrap and is so useful around the home makes them an invaluable product!   

Every time someone buys and OnTopz we get excited that plastic is being saved from landfills and our oceans, and that one of our products is going to be putting a smile on so many faces! 


David Farnworth

Founder & CEO

David Farnworth

“Why should a product be ordinary when it can be extraordinary, and bring a sense of fun to everyday life?”

About the Designer


David is a British born consumer product specialist, with over 40 patents, 5 GOOD DESIGN awards and multiple other awards, recognizing his ability to develop categories that have significant growth potential. David’s design philosophy is simple: to develop products that are fun, creative, and practical for the use for which they are being used.



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