Coffee/Tea Cup Drink Topper – 4”

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Love your morning coffee or tea? Want to keep it hotter longer and free from any airborne debris and bugs? Then use OnTopz silicone toppers, once placed on top of your cup it creates an instant seal, keeping hot drinks hot, AND ice drinks insulated so they stay cold longer! If you need to put your drink in the microwave to warm it up, no problem as your OnTopz is microwave safe, plus can be cleaned in the dishwasher too.
Can be used on all smooth rimmed containers including glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and wood…cool right?

1 review for Coffee/Tea Cup Drink Topper – 4”

  1. C auerbach

    Excellent product. Keeps beverages hot or cold; doesn’t leak and so cute! I’m ordering more just to have as presents!!

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